Liquor Licence

South Bank Corporation holds a Special Facility Licence from the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing ("OLGR"). This licence is often referred to as an 'umbrella' licence as it can be designed to cover a range of different types of liquor outlets, for example: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Convention Centres as is the case in South Bank. A Special Facility Licence is only granted to an entity that provides entertainment or services to the public which form part of the tourist development of the state.

South Bank Corporation allows tenants in the Corporation Area to apply to the OLGR for "Sub Lessees" under the Special Facilities Licence. Applying this way considerably reduces the application processing time. However, tenants may also obtain a Liquor Licence independent of the Special Facilities licence if they choose.

Under the South Bank Corporation Act 1989, the Corporation has obligations and powers in relation to the management and use of the Parklands. The Corporation endeavours to be vigilant in its compliance with the Liquor Act 1992 and imposes conditions upon the service of alcohol within the parklands during events and oversees and requires complete liquor compliance within our Sub Lessee's premises, thus creating a safe environment where the general public can enjoy all the facilities South Bank has to offer.

Where appropriate, the Corporation assists tenants who obtain liquor licences under the Special Facilities Licence, in dealing with the OLGR in the day to day compliance with their Liquor Act obligations.

South Bank Corporation is a member of the West End Liquor Accord which comprises licensees and police from the West End/South Bank precinct area and all sub lessees are encouraged to be involved.

The Corporation fosters and values a strong relationship with OLGR which benefits all sub lessees through prompt and reasonable processing of all applications and an open and communicative relationship with compliance officers.