Aysin Dedekorkut-Howes

Aysin Dedekorkut-Howes


Aysin is an award-winning lecturer and researcher with over twenty-five years of experience in the United States, Turkiye, and Australia.

Currently serving as a senior lecturer at Griffith University for over 15 years, Aysin is highly regarded for her expertise in environmental planning and governance.

Aysin’s current research focuses on climate adaptation, urban/disaster resilience, and urbanisation in subtropical areas and coastal cities.

Aysin also serves as a director on the Board of the Gold Coast Waterways Authority and member of the Global Planning Education Association Network Governing Council.

Aysin is passionate about making places we live, work, and play better while balancing the economic, social, and environmental outcomes and is an ardent advocate of values such as equity, access, inclusivity, and choice for all.

Aysin joined the Board to pursue these values and make South Bank the best that it could be.

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