Rain Bank

Rain Bank is South Bank Corporation's stormwater harvesting and reuse centre. It was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, 24 October 2011.

If you've visited the site, you will have had the opportunity to view the stormwater treatment plant in operation and use the educational animation which helps to explain the stormwater cycle, treatment plant as well as the history of stormwater drainage in South Brisbane and South Bank's development. 

About Rain Bank
Stormwater harvesting and reuse

Rare in urban settings due to a lack of space for underground reservoirs, South Bank Corporation's innovative  water source, Rain Bank, is helping to future-proof the Parklands from long-term drought conditions by capturing, storing and treating enough water to service up to 85% of the Parklands' water needs. An estimated 77 megalitres of stormwater per annum will be harvested, stored and treated — the equivalent of 30 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

State Government, Federal Government and South Bank Corporation jointly funded the delivery of this project. The Federal Government contributed $3.3 million funding from the Water for the Future program, the Queensland Government committed $4.65 million and South Bank Corporation dedicated significant funding to make Rain Bank possible. The Brisbane City Council has been instrumental in enabling access to their stormwater system.

Rain Bank has won several awards including the Stormwater Industry Association of Queensland's Excellence in Infrastructure Award and the Healthy Waterway's Water Sensitive Urban Design Award.


Rain Bank Treatment Plant Contractors

  • South Bank Corporation – Principal
  • Stirloch Constructions Pty Ltd – Principal Contractors
  • McLachlan Lister Pty Ltd − Project Manager
  • Bligh Tanner Pty Ltd − Principal Consultant & Civil/Structural Engineer
  • Gamble McKinnon Green Pty Ltd – Landscape Architects
  • Turner & Townsend – Quantity Surveyors
  • Webb Australia Group – Electrical/Mechanical Engineers
  • Edwards Irrigation Consultants – Irrigation Consultants