Streets Beach and Aquativity maintenance works

South Bank Corporation has completed maintenance and refurbishment works at the Parkland’s Main Lagoon (Streets Beach), Aquativity and the nearby public Plaza male and female toilets. 

Aquativity and toilets are reopened, with Streets Beach reopening from Saturday 13 July. 

The Streets Beach and Aquativity scope of works included the inspection, cleaning and sealing of pool linings, as well as cleaning of the rocks in the Aquativity stream and surrounding surfaces.

The Plaza toilet works included the upgrade of distribution switchboards and maintenance of plumbing and electrical services inside the male and female toilets. 

Streets Beach and Aquativity will be closed and drained for a six-week period for routine works to proceed. Liner maintenance work historically takes place mid-year due to potentially drier weather conditions and fewer swimmers in the winter months.