Streets Beach and Aquativity maintenance works

South Bank Corporation is undertaking important maintenance and refurbishment works at the Parkland’s Main Lagoon, Aquativity and the nearby public Plaza male and female toilets from early June 2024 until late July 2024.

The Streets Beach and Aquativity scope of works includes the inspection, cleaning and sealing of pool linings, as well as cleaning of the rocks in the Aquativity stream and surrounding surfaces.

Streets Beach and Aquativity will be closed and drained for a six-week period for routine works to proceed. Liner maintenance work historically takes place mid-year due to potentially drier weather conditions and fewer swimmers in the winter months.

The Plaza toilet works include the upgrade of distribution switchboards and maintenance of plumbing and electrical services inside the male and female toilets. The toilets will remain closed for the duration of the works.

All works are being managed by South Bank Corporation. For any questions, please email 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Streets Beach and Aquativity
Why are these works happening?
We undertake scheduled maintenance to ensure our pools remain in optimal condition.
What works are being undertaken?
The works include the inspection, cleaning and sealing of pool linings and the surrounding surfaces. The rocks in the Aquativity stream will also be cleaned.
When will the works be undertaken?
Our team undertakes maintenance work on the pools in winter when there are fewer visitors using the facilities and prior to the major events hosted at our Parklands.
Is the beach still open?
Yes. The beach area will remain open for play and will be securely fenced off from the pool while maintenance works are underway. 
Is there another pool open?
Yes – the Boat Pool next to Streets Beach will remain open.
Will the sand be replaced during these works? 
No. The sand in our beach area is checked daily, replenished regularly and closely monitored by our maintenance team so it will not be replaced during these works.
Are the rocks from Aquativity stream being replaced?
No. We will be removing the existing rocks and cleaning them before returning them back to the stream.
How will I know that Streets Beach and Aquativity are closed?
Both pools will be secured safely with fencing for the full length of Streets Beach and Aquativity. Signage will also be affixed to the fencing.
Plaza Toilets
Why are these works happening?
These works are required to upgrade essential electrical and plumbing services that facilitate these public toilets.
What improvement works are being undertaken?
These works include the replacement of an electrical switchboard in both the male and female toilets, as well as improvement to the plumbing pipework to enable easier access for our maintenance team.
When will the works be undertaken?
The works have been scheduled to occur at the same time maintenance work is undertaken on Streets Beach and Aquativity to minimise impacts to the public.
Will I be able to use the toilets throughout the works?
The male and female Plaza toilets will be closed however the Plaza’s accessible toilet will remain open.
Will there be any alternative toilet facilities available during the works?
The nearby Aquativity and Riverside Terrace toilets will be available to the public while works are underway in the Plaza male and female toilets. Signage will include details of alternative toilet locations. 
Will any of the retailers be impacted by the works?
No. A temporary power supply will ensure critical services remain available during the electrical switchboard changeovers.
Construction Works
What are the standard construction hours?
The Pools maintenance works are scheduled to take place Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm. Noisy works will be kept to a minimum between 12pm and 2pm, and no weekend or night works will be undertaken. The changeover of the electrical switchboards in the Plaza toilets will occur outside these hours to ensure minimum impact to operations.
Can I expect any impacts from the works?
Streets Beach and Aquativity will be closed for the duration of the works. The male and female Plaza toilets will also be closed during this time. Signage will include details for further information or assistance.
How will noise be managed during construction?
The works will be managed according to the Brisbane City Council Building Works Noise guidelines and requirements to minimise disturbance to nearby residents and tenants as much as practically possible.
How will dust be managed during construction?
There will be minimal dust from the project, and all work methodologies will adopt best practices with a sustainable approach to all environmental impacts.
More information
Who can I contact regarding the works?
To ask a question, provide feedback or stay up to date on the improvement works, please contact the project team via:
Phone: 07 3867 2111 (business hours)