More than three decades after Expo 88, our focus is shifting away from building 'the places', which is only part of our role. Increasingly, our focus is on creating inclusive places that people want to visit and experience.

As South Bank evolves, we strive to ensure that the Parklands, Little Stanley Street and Grey Street continue to offer great authentic places, which form the heart of city life and contribute to the recognition of Brisbane as one of the world's most attractive cities.


Is to be a world-leading urban precinct that welcomes, engages and inspires.


  • To be a renowned place manager, recognising the demand for green space in Brisbane’s inner city.
  • To innovate, manage and maintain our enviable reputation as Brisbane’s premier recreational, cultural, educational and entertainment precinct.
  • Redevelop key sites while strengthening physical integration and relationships within the immediate neighbourhood.


We will strive to be:

  • inclusive
  • sustainable
  • collaborative
  • curious
  • bold.


  1. Renew and manage the unique South Bank assets.
  2. Achieve a balance between commercial and non-commercial activities.
  3. Complement rather than duplicate other Brisbane destinations.
  4. Provide a diverse range of experiences for locals and visitors.
  5. Accommodate events that benefit the whole community.
  6. Achieve excellence and innovation in open space management.

 View the South Bank Corporation Strategic Plan 2021-25