Our vision is to continue to innovate, manage and maintain South Bank's reputation as the most vibrant urban and cultural precinct in the world. As South Bank evolves, we strive to ensure that the Parklands, Little Stanley Street and Grey Street continue to offer great authentic places, which form the heart of city life and contribute to the recognition of Brisbane as one of the world's most attractive cities.

Almost three decades since Expo 88, our business focus is shifting away from building 'the places', which is only part of our role. Increasingly, our focus is on creating inclusive places that people want to visit and experience.

We focus on six key areas:

  1. Developing and implementing the next 30-year vision for the precinct.
  2. Driving our property service to ensure that we improve our retail mix on Little Stanley Street, Grey Street and the Parklands.
  3. Facilitating the development of the remaining vacant property within the Corporation area.
  4. Maintaining assets that accommodate a diverse range of pursuits for local, regional and international visitors.
  5. Providing a positive 'return on investment' to the community and government.
  6. Ensuring sound governance and astute financial management.


Value 1 – A Place for Everyone

A precinct that is welcoming, inclusive and offers diverse experiences for our visitors.

Value 2 – Design Excellence

A precinct synonymous with great parklands, high quality built form, exciting retail and impressive streets integrating art and cultural expression with popular entertainment.

Value 3 – Uniquely Queensland

A precinct that reflects the wider Queensland experience of a leafy outdoor subtropical lifestyle and combines the exceptional qualities of the Brisbane River in this reach and the energy of the CBD, to create a distinct location in our 'New World City'.

Value 4 – Innovative, Creative and Bold

A precinct that delivers innovative experiences and continually renews itself to meet the needs of our visitors.

Value 5 – Balance Community Needs and Commerciality

The precinct will be managed to achieve an appropriate balance between the Corporation's commercial and non-commercial functions.

Value 6 – Ecologically and Financially Sustainable

The precinct is to be a leader in sustainable development and will be managed on a financially sustainable basis to allow it to deliver long-term community benefits.

Value 7 – Collaborative

The precinct will remain relevant by collaborating across the precinct both within and outside the defined boundaries of the precinct.