South Bank Glutton is music to everyone's ears

South Bank Corporation recently unveiled a new addition to its ground maintenance lineup in the form of an environmentally friendly, noise, exhaust and pollution free street cleaning 'beast' – the South Bank Glutton.

Resembling a souped-up version of grandma's shopping trolley, this head-turning urban vacuum is a welcome relief for diners and retailers together with residents living above the popular entertainment precincts lining Little Stanley and Grey Streets.

With virtually zero CO2 emissions, the South Bank Glutton is powered by an electric battery that can run for over eight hours on a single charge and can be used at all hours of the day given it is whisper quiet.

South Bank Corporation's CEO Jeff Weigh said the Corporation had for some time been investigating sustainable cleaning options to keep the retail and commercial precincts in top condition, with minimal impact on residents and the public-at-large.

"Leaf blowers are extremely invasive not only because of their noise but also from an air pollution perspective. They spread dust, allergens and pollutants into the air so naturally we're thrilled with our new Glutton that is not only quiet but also stops airborne particles dispersing via a state-of-the-art filtration system.

"The Glutton is also self-propelled, making it easy for maintenance staff to navigate around the commercial and retail precincts quickly and easily," he added.

The South Bank Glutton complements the Corporation's impressive suite of sustainable cleaning and operational practices as it continues to focus on reducing its carbon footprint.

The Corporation has also recently purchased two new electric-powered hot water pressure cleaners that are designed to operate with minimal noise and impact on the environment.